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SpatialSoften(clip clip, int radius, int luma_threshold, int chroma_threshold)

TemporalSoften(clip clip, int radius, int luma_threshold, int chroma_threshold [, int scenechange] [, int mode])

The SpatialSoften and TemporalSoften filters remove noise from a video clip by selectively blending pixels. These filters can work miracles, and I highly encourage you to try them. But they can also wipe out fine detail if set too high, so don't go overboard. And they are very slow, especially with a large value of radius, so don't turn them on until you've got everything else ready.

TemporalSoften is similar to SpatialSoften, except that it looks at the same pixel in nearby frames, instead of nearby pixels in the same frame. All frames no more than radius away are examined. This filter doesn't seem to be as effective as SpatialSoften.

I encourage you to play around with the parameters for these filters to get an idea of what they do--for example, try setting one of the three parameters to a very high value while leaving the others low, and see what happens. Note that setting any of the three parameters to zero will cause the filter to become a very slow no-op.

As of AviSynth v1.0 beta 5, the SpatialSoften and TemporalSoften filters work only with YUY2 input. You can use the ConvertToYUY2 filter if your input is not in YUY2 format.

The improvements which became Dividee's "TemporalSoften2" plugin are included beginning in AviSynth v2.04.

Starting from v2.5 two options are added to TemporalSoften:

  • An optional mode=2 parameter: It has a new and better way of blending frame and provides better quality. It is also much faster. mode=1 is default operation, and works as always.
  • Added scenechange=n parameter: Using this parameter will avoid blending across scene changes. 'n' defines the maximum average pixel change between frames. Good values for 'n' are between 5 and 30. Requires ISSE.

[Good initial values: TemporalSoften(4,4,8,15,2)]

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