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The FAQ is divided into four sections: a general section, one related to frameserving, one related to filters and plugins, and one related to importing VirtualDub filters. Recently the old stuff "related to AviSynth v2.06 and older versions" is removed. Thus, if you have problems, make sure that you install a more recent version of AviSynth.

Section 1: About AviSynth

Q1.1: What is AviSynth ?

Q1.2: Who is developing AviSynth ?

Q1.3: Where can I download the latest versions of AviSynth ?

Q1.4: What are the main bugs in these versions ?

Q1.5: Where can I find documentation about AviSynth ?

Q1.6: How do I install AviSynth ?

Q1.7: Is there any difference between v1.0x, v2.0x or v2.5x ?

Q1.8: Are plugins compiled for v2.5x compatible with v1.0x/v2.0x and vice versa ?

Q1.9: Which encoding programs support YV12 ?

Q1.10: How do I use v2.5x if the encoding programs can't handle YV12, like Virtualdub, TMPGEnc or CCE SP ?

Q1.11: How do I use with AviSynth v2.5 with Gordian Knot?

Q1.12: What are the main advantages of processing/encoding in YV12 ?

Q1.13: Is there a command line utility for encoding to DivX/XviD using AviSynth ?

Q1.14: Where can I find VCF2AVS ?

Q1.15: How do I use a plugin compiled for v2.0x in v2.5x ?

Q1.16: How do I switch between differents Avisynth versions without re-install ?

Q1.17: How do I make an AVS-file ?

Q1.18: Where do I save my AVS-file ?

Q1.19: How do I know which version number of AviSynth I have ?

Q1.20: Does AviSynth have a GUI, graphical user interface ?

Q1.21: I got the message "LoadPlugin: unable to load "xxx" is not an AviSynth 1.0 plugin ?

Q1.22: How do I know which colorspace I'm using at a given place in my script ?

Q1.23: I installed AviSynth v2.5 and DivX5 or one of the latest Xvid builds of Koepi, all I got is a black screen when opening my avs in Virtualdub/VirtualdubMod/CCE/TMPGEnc ?

Q1.24: My computer seems to crash at random during a second pass in any encoder ?

Q1.25: VirtualdubMod, WMP6.4, CCE and other programs crash every time on exit, when previewing an avs file ?

Q1.26: Are there any lossless YV12 codecs, which I can use for capturing for example?

Section 2: AviSynth and frameserving

Q2.1: What is frameserving and what is it good for ?

Q2.2: How do I use AviSynth as a frameserver ?

Q2.3: How do I frameserve my AVS-file AviSynth in encoder/application X ?

Q2.4: Problems when Encoder X reads AVS-files ?

Q2.5: How do I frameserve from Premiere/Ulead/Vegas to AviSynth ?

Q2.6: When frameserving I got the following message: "Script error, there is no function named "some filter"" ?

Q2.7: I get an unrecognized exception error trying to load an avs file with VirtualDub, using dvd2avi v1.77.3 ?

Q2.8: How do I load my clip into AviSynth "video" ?

Q2.9: How do I load my clip into AviSynth "audio" ?

Q2.10: Can I import an audio file other than a WAV-file ?

Q2.11: How do I join video and audio ?

Q2.12: I get an unrecognized exception in the line when I use DirectShowSource.

Section 3: Filters, plugins and colorspaces

Q3.1: What is RGB/YUV-colorspace ?

Q3.2: In which colorspaces do AviSynth and the internal filters work ?

Q3.3: How do I load a plugin in to AviSynth ?

Q3.4: Where can I download external filters for AviSynth v1.0x/v2.0x ?

Q3.5: Where can I download external filters for AviSynth v2.5x ?

Q3.6: Where can I download utilities for AviSynth ?

Q3.7: How do I convert between the colorspaces ?

Q3.8: What/when do I care when filter X works in RGB- or YUV-space ?

Q3.9: How do I use and where can I get the "Subtitler" and "BMP Loader" plugins ?

Section 4: Importing filters from VirtualDub

Q4.1: Where can I download the latest version of scripts which import filters from VirtualDub ?

Q4.2: Which filters are imported ?

Q4.3: Do these scripts work in RGB-space or in YUV-space ?

Q4.4: How do I make such a script ?

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