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Feedback page

If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or other feedback, you can add it to this page (edit page -> save). Please, don't forget to add a date. Once in a while we will read it and respond as appropriate.

Comments, Suggestions, Questions and other Feedback

I assume I have to put my feedback here: Great stuff ! i'd highly appreciate a downloadable manual in order to save me money and the world bandwidth. Even if it lacks actuality a bit. Best regards Torsten

answer: AviSynth itself comes with documentation, much of it (though not all) is the same as this site. You can also download a [snapshot of this site]. Wilbert 2005-03-13

Is there any Guides? Like a complete "AviSynth for dummies" or "From DVD to AVI, with Xvid and AviSynth" Rickard 2005-02-18

answer: AviSynthGuides (some of it may be outdated), and there's an analogue capture guide at doom.org. Using AVSEdit: http://www.afterdawn.com/guides/archive/avisynth_tutorial.cfm. http://www.animemusicvideos.org/guides/avtech/index.html contains also something (forum itself is about anime). Wilbert 2005-03-13

Request: Please add a "CurrentScriptName" function. I have a script that I use to convert many different AVI files. It would be perfect to just be able to rename the script to match the AVI filename, then have the script automatically figure out the AVI filename based on the script filename. dcook 2005-02-27

answer: Make a [feature request]. Wilbert 2005-03-13

Request: I have an interlaced movie and I don't know if it is LFF or TFF. It would be useful, if I could use separatefields() with "LFF" or "TFF" as a parametr. Then I could check which one pruduces a correct field order. I opened a thread on this topic at http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=90584, but I didn't get any replies. Best regards, Vlada. 2005-02-27

answer: Further questions in that thread. Btw, it's BFF and TFF. Wilbert 2005-03-13

Are ther any control loops in the AviSynth code? ie for loops, while loops, do loops. Jon 3/3/2005

answer: In AviSynth v3 there will be. Visit IRC: #avisynth@freenode for info. Wilbert 2005-03-13

Can you add unicode support for this site to be able to translate in other languages. And I need some help with syntax of pages code. Guria 2005-03-13

answer: I will ask the administrator for unicode support. For the syntax:

1) If you want to learn Wiki you should have a look at the [command summary] and practice these rules in the [sandbox].

2) You could also go to a page which contains the syntax you would like to use. Then do a "edit" to see the syntax itself.

3) If you still have questions you can ask me :)

Wilbert 2005-03-13

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