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ImageWriter(clip clip, string file = "c:\", int start = 0, int end = 0, string type = "ebmp", bool info = false)

ImageWriter (present in limited form in v2.51, full functionality from v2.52) writes frames from a clip as images to your harddisk.

file: the path + filename of the saved images. Type is the format of the image, defined by its file extension (see below for supported types). The images will have filenames as such: [file]000000.[type], [file]000001.[type], etc.

The supported values for type are:

  • bmp, dds, ebmp*, jpg/jpe/jpeg, pal, pcx,
  • png, pbm/pgm/ppm, raw, sgi/bw/rgb/rgba, tga, tif/tiff

start, end: the framerange that will be written. End=0 means no upper limit. You must seek to these frames in your client application for them to be written.

info: optionally overlay progress information on the video clip, showing whether a file is being written, and if so, the filename (added in v2.55).

*The input colorspace must be RGB24 for all formats except "ebmp," which supports all Avisynth colorspaces (RGB32, RGB24, YUY2, YV12). The "ebmp" files written with RGB input are standard BMP files; those produced from YUV formats can probably only be read by Avisynth's ImageSource. This pair of features allows you to save and reload raw video in any internal format.


# Export the entire clip in the current native Avisynth format

# Write frame 5 to "C:\000000.PNG"
ImageWriter("", 5, 5, "png")   
# note: prior to 2.56 the output filename would be "000005.PNG"

# Write frames 100 to the end to "C:\000000.JPEG", "C:\000001.JPEG", etc. and display progress info
ImageWriter(start = 100, type = "jpeg", info = true)

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