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ImageSource(string file = "c:\%06d.ebmp", int start = 0, int end = 1000, float fps = 24, bool use_DevIL = false, bool info = false)

ImageReader is present from v2.52, replacing WarpEnterprises' plugin. As of v2.56 ImageSource is equivalent, with some minor functionality changes. It is useful (and faster) when importing one picture.

file: name of the image file(s), where frame #'s can be specified using "[sprintf syntax]". For example, the files written by ImageWriter's default parameters can be referenced with the ImageSource default above. If file points directly to a single filename, then the resulting clip is a static image.

start, end: if a frame not in this range is requested, a black frame is returned and no file I/O is done. ('end=0' does NOT mean 'no upper bound' as with ImageWriter). The first file (i.e., corresponding to 'file' after 'start' is substituted in) MUST exist in order for image parameters to be read in correctly.

fps: frames per second of returned clip.

use_devil: when false, the first file is attempted to be parsed as an AviSynth EBMP,* then defaulting to the external DevIL libraries. When true, execution skips directly to DevIL processing. Useful if you need extra performance when reading standard Microsoft BMP files.

info: when true, the source filename is written to each video frame (added in v2.55).

The resulting video clip is RGB24 if DevIL is used, otherwise is whatever the EBMP was written as (all AviSynth formats supported).


# Default parameters: read a 1000-frame native Avisynth EBMP sequence (at 24 fps)

# Read files "100.jpeg" through "199.jpeg" into an NTSC clip
ImageSource("%d.jpeg", 100, 199, 29.97)  # floating-point fps available from 2.56

# Read files "00.bmp" through "50.bmp" bypassing Avisynth's internal BMP reader
ImageSource("%01d.bmp", end = 50, use_devil = true)

# Read a single image, repeat 300 times
ImageSource("static.png", end = 300)  # much, much faster from 2.56

* "EBMP" is an Avisynth extension of the standard Microsoft RIFF image format that allows you to save raw YUY2 and YV12 image data. See ImageWriter for more details.

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