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ConvertAudioTo8bit(clip clip)

ConvertAudioTo16bit(clip clip)

ConvertAudioTo24bit(clip clip)

ConvertAudioTo32bit(clip clip)

ConvertAudioToFloat(clip clip)

The first four filters convert the audio samples to 8, 16, 24 and 32 bits, and ConvertAudioToFloat converts the audio samples to float. ConvertAudioTo8bit, ConvertAudioTo24bit, ConvertAudioTo32bit and ConvertAudioToFloat are available starting from v2.5.

Starting from v2.5 the audio samples will be automatically converted if any filters requires a special type of sample. This means that most filters will accept several types of input, but if a filter doesn't support the type of sample it is given, it will automatically convert the samples to something it supports. The internal formats supported in each filter is listed in the colorspace column. A specific sample type can be forced by using the ConvertAudio functions.

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