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Weave(clip clip)

Weave is the opposite of SeparateFields: it takes pairs of fields from the input video clip and combines them together to produce interlaced frames. The new clip has half the frame rate and frame count. Weave uses the frame-parity information in the source clip to decide which field to put on top. If it gets it wrong, use ComplementParity beforehand or SwapFields afterwards.

All Avisynth filters keep track of field parity, so Weave will always join the fields together in the proper order. If you want the other order, you'll have to use ComplementParity beforehand or SwapFields afterwards.

From verions 2.5.6 this filter raises an exception if the clip is already frame-based. You may want to use AssumeFieldBased to force weave a second time. Prior versions did a no-op for materials that was already frame-based.

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