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ShowFrameNumber(clip clip [, bool scroll])

ShowFrameNumber draws text on every frame indicating what number AviSynth thinks it is. This is sometimes useful when writing scripts. If you apply additional filters to the clip produced by ShowFrameNumber, they will treat the text on the frame just as they would treat an image, so the numbers may be distorted by the time you see them.

If scroll (default: false) is set to true the frame number will be drawn only once on the video and scroll from top to bottom, else it will be drawn on the right side as often as it fits.


ShowSMPTE(clip clip [, float fps, string offset, int x, int y, int first_frame, int last_frame, string font, int size, int text_color, int halo_color])

ShowSMPTE is similar to ShowFrameNumber but displays SMPTE timecode (hours:minutes:seconds:frame). Starting from v2.53 the fps argument is not required, unless the current fps can't be used. Otherwise, the fps argument is required and must be 24, 25, 30, or 29.97. Starting from v2.56 the other options (offset, x, y, first_frame, last_frame, font, size, text_color, halo_color) are present, see Subtitle for an explanation of these options. offset enables the user to add an offset to the timecode.

Take care: both filters are due to text-drawing quite slow.

drop-frame versus non-drop-frame timecode

If the framerate of the clip is between 29.969 and 29.971 [drop-frame timecode] is enabled. Originally, when the signal of the TV was black and white, NTSC run at 60 Hz (30 fps). When they added color, they changed it to 59.94 Hz (29.97 fps) due to technical reasons. They run 1000 frames, but count 1001 (they never actually drop a frame, just a frame number). The first two frames are dropped of every minute except the tenth, ie 00:00:00:00, 00:00:00:01, 00:00:00:02, ..., 00:00:59:29, 00:01:00:02, 00:01:00:03, 00:01:59:29, 00:02:00:02, 00:02:00:03, ..., 00:08:59:29, 00:09:00:02, 00:09:00:03, ..., 00:09:59:29, 00:10:00:00, 00:10:00:01, etc ... Counting the dropped frames implies that 00:10:00:00 in drop-frame matches 00:10:00:00 in real time.


ShowSMPTE(offset="00:00:59:29", x=360, y=576, font="georgia", size=24, text_color=$ff0000)


v2.56 Added offset and other options.

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