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These functions are useful to help understand the syntax of Avisynth scripting. Of course, they are even more useful to actually use. Copy them into a file named *.avsi, put them in your plugin directory, and they will be automatically enabled.

Layer Loop

LayerLoop is a function Dividee made upon the release of Avisynth 2 to show off the new Layer and Loop commands.

60 fps deinterlacer

We've asked Tom to include a proper 60fps deinterlacer in his wonderful TomsMoComp, but until then you'll have to made do with TomsBob.

Virtual Dub filters

Wilbert's collections of functions for using VirtualDub filters: VirtualDub_I and VirtualDub_II, along with a SimpleVDubFilters to help interface with them.

Format convertion

Useful SmoothDeinterlaceFunctions to convert between broadcast formats. Converts back and forth between NTSC /P PAL.

Multiple sources

Some common EditingFunctions for inserting and splicing multiple video sources.


Waka demonstrated an IvtcBlend function that uses the information in the "extra" fields of a telecined source to help combat temporal noise.


Two scripts that will help you see if your clip is Top-Field-First or Bottom-Field-First.

Smoothing interlaced video

A basic script on how to safely process interlaced video with spatial and temporal filters. InterlacedSmoothing.

A script to help find lip sync DelayAudio value

A FindAudioSyncScript by IanB to help you find the appropriate audio delays, if you have desync'ed audio.

Add audio for CCE 2.50 instead of ResampleAudio

An AddAudio function that adds silent audio to a clip. Very useful for CCE 2.50 users.

Resize based on bits/(pixel*framerate) formula (bpp)

It respects AR as possible mantaining MOD32 resolutions,uses bitrate, bpp and the resize function specified as parameters. Usage: ResizeARC(860, 0.2, "FastBilinearResize")

Compressibility test

Usage: CompTest(5) for a compressibility test on 5% of the movie.


A filter for removing the dreaded "bug" from broadcast sources.




A filter for removing rainbows (requires AviSynth v2.5).






A filter for darkening cartoon edges (requires AviSynth v2.5).






A simple filter combination that helps in moving chroma back, if it has been displaced.


Helps you to find the right position to concatenate 2 Videostreams.

i.E. if you have, like me, found a video as two 800MB mpeg that won't fit on standard CDs, and on the second CD,

a piece of the last frames of the first CD is included.


Makes a movie look like seen through a kaleidoscope. Uses functions like layer, bilinearresize and rand.

Not really useful, but shows again how flexible avisynth is.


Just makes the difference visible between an encoded and an original videoclip. So you can see what you really "lose" when encoding a video.


Add a vertically scrolling title (bottom to top, horizontally centered).


Allows one to use 2.0x and 2.5x plugins seamlessly without any calls to LoadPlugin.

[stickboy's functions]

A variety of functions, including Trim2/Trim3, UnfoldFieldsVertical/FoldFieldsVertical, NoArgFunctionWrapper, and Wipe.

Wrapper Functions

Examples of wrapper functions to set default values to filters or to create presets for them.


[convert60ito24p] converts a 60fps interlaced NTSC Video into a 24fps progressive Video using different blending technics.

DVB MPEG-2 Converter

Converts DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) MPEG-2 files into RGB24 720px-width video, with an option to return a centre cut-out of a 16:9 frame.

red shifter (3d anaglyph?)

this script shifts the red channel up and to the left an arbitrary amount of pixels

Field based speed changing

AlterFPS can be used to speed up or slow down a video by adding or removing fields. It works like the 3:2 pulldown of NTSC film material, except you can choose your new speed. It can also blend frames for progressive frame results, and blend fields like ConvertFPS?.


[Restore24] is a AviSynth-Function created by Did´┐Że, that is able to do the nearly impossible: Restore 24fps FILM out of a fieldblended

FILM -> Telecine -> NTSC -> Blendconversion -> PAL - Video.


[LimitSharpen] can be used like a traditional sharpener, but producing much less artefacts. It can be used as a replacement for the common "resize(x4)-XSharpen-resize(x1)" combo, with very similar results (perhaps even better) - but at least 2 times faster, since it requires much less oversampling.


[YLevels] is a set of filters to replace Levels using MaskTools?. It lets you choose different gamma curves, e.g. to boost dark areas without washing out bright ones. Unlike Levels it does not clip values outside the given range; it also uses named/optional parameters, negating the need for wrappers.

Multiple clip comparison

BoxCompare will let you compare up to 4 clips with simple annotations. It's basically a wrapper for StackHorizontal/StackVertical?.

Add more here whenever you come across a cool/useful bit of code.

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