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MergeChroma(clip1 clip, clip2 clip, float weight)

MergeLuma(clip1 clip, clip2 clip, float weight)

This filter makes it possible to merge luma or chroma from a videoclip into another. There is an optional weighing, so a percentage between the two clips can be specified.

Clip1 is the clip that has Luma or Chroma merged INTO (based on which filter you use), that means that the OTHER channel (chroma if MergeLuma is used, luma in MergeChroma) is completely untouched.

Clip2 is the one from which the Luma or Chroma must be taken. In MergeChroma, this is where the Chroma will be taken from, and vice-versa for MergeLuma.

The weight defines how much influence the new clip should have. Range is 0.0 to 1.0, where 0.0 is no influence and 1.0 will completely overwrite the specified channel (default). The filter will be slightly slower when a weight is specified.

The audio, framerate and framecount are taken from the first cilp.


# Will only blur the Luma channel.


lumvid = Blur(1.0)


# This will do a Temporal Smoother on the Chroma channel that will be mixed 50/50 with the original image.


chromavid = SpatialSmoother(2, 3)

MergeChroma(chromavid, 0.5)

# This will run a temporalsmoother and a soft spatial smoother on the Luma channel,

# and a more agressive spatial smoother on the Chroma channel.

# The original luma channel is then added with the smoothed version at 75%.

# The blurred chroma channel is fully retained.


luma = TemporalSmoother(2, 3)

luma2 = SpatialSmoother(luma, 3, 10, 10)

chroma = SpatialSmoother(3, 40, 40)

MergeLuma(luma2, 0.75)


# This will average two video sources.


vid2 = AviSource("c:\apps\avisynth\main2.avi")

MergeLuma(vid2, 0.5)

MergeChroma(vid2, 0.5)

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