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Compare(clip_filtered clip, clip_original clip, string channels, string logfile, bool show_graph)

Compare outputs the filtered clip (first arg) with text (Mean Absolute Difference, Mean Difference & PSNR) and Marc's PSNR graph (if show_graph is true). Starting from v2.53 also the 'Overal PSNR' is shown on the screen, but not yet in the logfile. The channels string is a combination of R,G,B [,A] or Y,U,V, depending on the source clips. The empty string (default) means either "YUV" or "RGB". If logfile is not null, the results will be written to a file by this name and not drawn on the clip. It is much faster if you need to compare a lot of frames.


# displays differences on screen:

Compare(clip1, clip2)

# for creating a log file:

Compare(clip1, clip2, "", "compare.log")

# will only compare chroma channels of YUY2 clips:

Compare(clip1, clip2, "UV")

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