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ColorBars([int width] [, int height] [, string pixel_type])

The ColorBars filter produces a video clip containing SMPTE color bars scaled to any image size. The clip produced is 640x480, RGB32 [16,235], 29.97 fps, 1 hour long, alpha channel opaque.

A test tone is also generated. Test tone is a 440Hz sine at 48KHz, 16 bit, stereo. The tone pulses in the RIGHT speaker, being turned on and off once every second.

In v2.56, pixel_type = "YUY2" (or "YV12") is added (default "RGB32"). Note, the former is equivalent with

ConvertToYUY2(matrix="PC.601")  # doesn't scale the luma range

When directly generating YUV format data the color transitions are arranged to occur on a chroma aligned boundary.

Note : The YUV versions of this clip contain pixel values less than 16 (InfraBlack)


v2.56 added pixel_type="YUY2"/"YV12"

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