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You can access clip properties in AVS scripts. For example, if the variable clip holds a video clip, then clip.height is its height in pixels, clip.framecount is its length in frames, and so on. ClipProperties can be manipulated just like ScriptVariables (see the ScriptGrammar for more), except that they cannot be values in C-terminology.

The full list of properties:

  • Width (clip)
  • Height (clip)
  • Framecount (clip)
  • Framerate (clip)
  • FrameRateNumerator (clip) (v2.55)
  • FrameRateDenominator (clip) (v2.55)
  • Audiorate (clip)
  • Audiolength (clip) (v2.51 - it returns the size in samples, do however beware of overflows on very long clips)
  • AudioLengthF (clip) (v2.55 - will return the samplenumber as float)
  • Audiochannels (clip)
  • Audiobits (clip)
  • IsAudioFloat (clip) (v2.55)
  • IsAudioInt (clip) (v2.55)
  • IsPlanar (clip) (v2.52)
  • IsRGB (clip)
  • IsRGB24 (clip) (v2.07)
  • IsRGB32 (clip) (v2.07)
  • IsYUV (clip) (v2.54)
  • IsYUY2 (clip)
  • IsYV12 (clip) (v2.52)
  • IsFieldBased (clip)
  • IsFrameBased (clip)
  • IsInterleaved (clip) (v2.52)
  • GetParity (clip)
  • HasAudio (clip) (v2.56)
  • HasVideo (clip) (v2.56)

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