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Blur(clip clip, float amount)

or Blur(clip, float amountH, float amountV)

Sharpen(clip clip, float amount)

or Sharpen(clip, float amountH, float amountV)

This is a simple 3x3-kernel blurring filter. The largest allowable argument for Blur is about 1.58, which corresponds to an even 3x3-pixel blur. A value of 1.0 gets you a (1/4, 1/2, 1/4) kernel. If you want a large-radius Gaussian blur, I recommend chaining several copies of Blur(1.0) together. (Anybody remember Pascal's triangle?)

Negative arguments to Blur actually sharpen the image, and in fact Sharpen(n) is just an alias for Blur(-n). The smallest allowable argument to Blur is -1.0 and the largest to Sharpen is 1.0.

You can use 2 arguments to set independent Vertical and Horizontal amounts. Like this, you can use Blur(0,1) to filter only Vertically, for example to blend interlaced lines together. By default amountV=amountH.

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