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BlankClip([clip template, int length, int width, int height, string pixel_type, int fps, int fps_denominator, int audio_rate, bool stereo, bool sixteen_bit, int color, int color_yuv])


The BlankClip filter produces a solid color, silent video clip of the specified length (in frames). The clip passed as an argument is used as a template for frame rate, image size, and so on, but you can specify all clip properties without having to provide a template. color should be given as hexadecimal RGB values -- see ScriptVariables. Without any argument, BlankClip will produce a pitch-black 10 seconds clip (RGB32), 640x480, 24 fps, 16 bit 44100 Hz mono.

template: if present, the resulting clip will have the clip-properties of the template (bug: except color-format), except for the properties you define explicitly.

length: length of the resulting clip (in frames).

width, height: width and height of the resulting clip.

pixel_type: pixel type of the resulting clip, it can be "RGB24", "RGB32", "YUY2" or "YV12".

''fps': the framerate of the resulting clip.

fps_denominator: you can use this option if "fps" is not accurate enough. For example: fps = 30000, fps_denominator = 1001 (ratio = 29.97) or fps = 24000, fps_denominator = 1001 (ratio = 23.976). It is 1 by default.

audio_rate: samplerate of the silent audio of the clip.

stereo: (boolean) when set to true the silent audio is in stereo, when set to false a silent mono track is added

sixteen_bit: (boolean) true and false give both 16 bit, except when a template is used where a different bit is set.

color: specifies the color of the clip, black (= $000000) by default. See ColorPresets for preset colors.

color_yuv: is added in v2.55, and it lets you specify the color of the clip using YUV values. It requires setting pixel_type to "YUY2" or "YV12", otherwise it doesn't do anything.

Blackness is an alias for BlankClip, provided for backward compatibility.


# produces a black clip (3000 frames, width 720, height 576, framerate 25), with a silent audio track (16 bit 44.1 kHz stereo):
BlankClip(length=3000, width=720, height=576, fps=25, color=$000000)

# produces a black clip (3000 frames) with the remaining clip properties of the avi:
BlankClip(length=3000, color=$000000)

# adds a silent audio stream (with a samplerate of 48 kHz) to a video clip:
video = AviSource("E:\pdwork\DO-Heaven.AVI")
audio = BlankClip(video, audio_rate=48000)
AudioDub(video, audio)
v2.55 added color_yuv

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