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A variable name can be up to 50 characters long and can contain letters, digits, and underscores (_), but no other characters. The name cannot start with a digit. A variable's placement in an expression is determined by the ScriptGrammar.

The following types of variables can be used:

clip: a video clip containing video and / or audio. At least one variable for a clip must be used and returned by the script.

string: a sequence of characters representing text. Strings are surrounded either by "quotation marks". A text string can contain any character except the terminating quotation mark or double-apostrophe. The manual used to mention ``TeX-style quotes'', but it has been confirmed that AVISynth doesn't work this way since v1.03. If you need to put a quotation mark inside a string, you need to use [Python-style] three quotes. For example: Subtitle("""AVISynth is as they say "l33t".""") Alternately, you can use Windows extended-ASCII curly-quotes instead of straight quotes to get around this limitation.

int: integers are entered as a sequence of digits, optionally with a + or - at the beginning. Integers can be given in hexadecimal by preceding them with a $. For example, $FF is equivalent to 255.

float: floating-point numbers are entered as a sequence of digits with a decimal point (.) somewhere in it and an optional + or -. For example, +1. is treated as a floating-point number.

val: a generic type; used for function parameters that can be of type int, float, bool, string, or clip.

bool: boolean values must be either true or false.

global: declares a global variable which can be used by all user-defined functions.

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