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Function ResizeARC (AR & Compressibility)

From http://www.doom9.org/index.html?/gknot-basics.htm

It's a bit guesswork as you cannot predict compressibility of your movie but here's some hints:

* It's not a good idea to go below 0.20 bits/(pixel*frame)

* If you go above ~0.35 you might not be able to reach your desired filesize

* If you go for 1 CD stay close to 0.20

* If you go for 2 CDs stay around 0.27

* If TV bits/(pixel*frame) is below ~0.13 you should raise your bitrate (and go for more CDs).

This function respects AR as possible mantaining MOD32 resolutions,uses bitrate, bpp and the resize function specified as parameters.

Usage: ResizeARC(860, 0.2, "FastBilinearResize")

function ResizeARC(clip c, int bitrate, float compressibility, string resizefn)
  ratio = c.width./c.height
  res = bitrate*1000./(compressibility*c.framerate)
  nhtemp = sqrt(res./ratio)
  nwtemp = nhtemp*ratio
  nh = nhtemp - nhtemp%32
  nw = nwtemp - nwtemp%32
  return resizefn(c, nw, nh)

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