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MergeChannels(clip1 clip, clip2 clip [, clip3 clip])

Starting from v2.5 MergeChannels replaces MonoToStereo, and can be used to merge the audio channels of two or more clips.

Example, converts "uncompressed wav" audio to a 44.1 kHz stereo signal:

video = AviSource("c:\divx_wav.avi")
audio = WavSource("c:\divx_wav.avi")
l_ch = GetChannel(audio, 1)
r_ch = GetChannel(audio, 2)
stereo = MergeChannels(l_ch, r_ch).ResampleAudio(44100)
return AudioDub(video, stereo)

Note, this is similar to:

video = AviSource("c:\divx_wav.avi")
audio = WavSource("c:\divx_wav.avi")
stereo = GetChannel(audio, 1, 2).ResampleAudio(44100)
return AudioDub(video, stereo)

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