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DO NOT SEND a mail to the original author of IT.dll in English.

It prevents him from developing plugins since he speaks Japanese.

This text is translation of IT.txt.

Plugin for Avisynth

IT 0.051

This is IVTC plugin.


  • A choose matched fields.
  • B remove stripes, if any (it appears in irregular telecine, droping frames).
  • C remove 1 frame per 5 frames when fps = 24.


  • 0.051 attached the source.
  • 0.05 changed changed parameter @ ProcessC?.
  • 0.05 supported the source which has more than 480 lines @ ProcessABC?.
  • 0.04 new 24fps change improved precision of judging slight stripes slightly @ ProcessA? change remaked @ ProcessB? change abolished ref = "AUTO", default was changed to "TOP".
  • 0.03 debug fixed the bug at process in non-progressive frames @ProcessB?.
  • 0.02 change improved saving edges in non-progressive frames @ProcessB?.
  • 0.01 created in some way.


  • a CPU which has MMX2 is required.
  • the width must be multiples of 16.
  • the height must be multiples of 8.


configure like the following.


...reading sources, etc...

IT(ref = "TOP")

* specify field order with ref = "???" CORRECTLY


IT(fps = 24, ref = "TOP", blend = false)

default: fps = 24, ref = "TOP", blend = false


  • 24 make it 24fps.
  • 30 make it progressive.


  • true a large to certain extent frames in 30p,30i with motion is resampled to 4 frames from 5 frames instead of removing. this may reduce hooking when the source consists of mainly 24p occationally 30p/i.
    • this is enabled only when fps = 24
    • persistence of vision appears
    • this may make hooking inversely at the same frame thanks to complement when all motion moves 30p nothing but a part in 30p.


  • "TOP" top-first
  • "BOTTOM" bottom-first


IT(fps = 24, ref = "TOP", blend = true)


  • Crop() before IT() should improve precision when unavailable region is large.
  • Crop() or daub the border also works if it's noisy.
  • Output will be changed with random-access. (No trouble appears when encoded normally)
  • Incorrect field order make it spoiled.
  • Mainly this aims telecines of (top, bottom) = (1t,1b) (2t,2b) (2t,3b) (3t,4b) (4t,4b).
  • This is made with clear sources. temporal noises, dot disturbance, cross color causes wrong judgement.

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