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  1. example for finding the best frame to conactenate 2 Videostreams
  2. If the LOWER LEFT image shows the least differences, the cut-point is okay!
  1. this is the framenumber of the first clip which correspondents to one of the first frames of the second clip
criticalFrame = 80020
  1. Both video sources with framenumbers
a = AviSource("Schtonk_1.avi").ShowFrameNumber?(true)

b = AviSource("Schtonk_2.avi").ShowFrameNumber?(true)

c = a.trim(criticalFrame,0)

d = subtract(b,c).levels(64,1,192,0,255)

e = subtract(b,c.trim(1,0)).levels(64,1,192,0,255)

return StackVertical?(StackHorizontal?(c.subtitle("clip a"),b.subtitle("clip b")),StackHorizontal?(d.subtitle("clip a ^ clip b"),e.subtitle ("clip a+1 ^ clip b")))


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