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Confirmed 2.5.0 bugs and problems

  • ConvertToYUY2 may produce distorted output, if placed after a crop, and getting an YV12 source.
  • SeparateFields / Weave may not always produce the correct field order in YV12 mode.
  • StackHorizontal will not produce correct results, if width is not mod 16.
  • Temporalsoften may an rare cases produce jumpy frames. Reordering the script often solves the problem.
  • .AVS icons are not shown in "List" mode.
  • Getting "missing MSVCRTD.dll" when placing imagesequence plugin in the plugin-dir.
  • Splice does not always want to splice YV12 files from different sources (image format doesn't match).
  • AssumeSampleRate adds audio to a piece of video, even if none is present before the filter.
  • Mergechroma may fail in some situations in YUY2 mode.
  • Addborders may behave strangely.
  • YV12 conversion may fail if image if more than 512 pixels in height.

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